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Massage Therapy Hamilton Mountain

Relax Your Way to Better Health!

Put an End to Stress, Relieve Pain and Enjoy Healthier Living With Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic’s Rejuvenating Massage Therapy!

Do you suffer from muscle aches, muscle stiffness, or muscle tension? What about chronic pain or swelling? Feeling anxious or overwhelmed with stress? These are just a few of the problems that can be solved with Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic’s personalized massage therapy treatments. Our expert massage therapists will melt those aches and pains away, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything.

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From the moment you arrive at our Hamilton Mountains massage therapy clinic, you’ll be greeted by an open, quiet ambiance and illuminating natural light. We've combined modern design with maximum comfort to create a relaxing, welcoming environment to heal in. Enjoy a sense of natural well-being. Whether your problem is pain in your muscles and joints or limited mobility, our registered massage therapists will make sure their therapeutic treatments are personalized for your specific needs.

Why Massage Therapy is Right For You

When most people imagine themselves in a massage therapy session, they think of it as a luxury–a way to indulge and pamper themselves with a relaxation massage. But registered massage therapy is much more than just a moment of “me-time”. . .it’s an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Imagine yourself enjoying these benefits of massage therapy and achieving your health goals:

  • Relief from painful joints and muscle soreness
  • An expanded, pain-free range of motion
  • Reduced swelling or tightness in your muscles and joints
  • Accelerated healing of injured tissues
  • Lower blood pressure and increased blood flow
  • Less reliance on medications
  • Relief from stress and a greater sense of well-being
  • Prevent future injuries

Most of our patients feel these benefits after their very first appointment. And massage therapy can have a great impact on your mental and emotional health as well.

Stress - The Body’s Biggest Enemy

Our bodies are incredible, self-healing machines, and they’re amazingly resilient. But one of the biggest unseen health factors in our lives is stress. In fact, WebMD tells us that 75 to 90% of all doctor’s visits are to treat stress-related ailments.

We all experience stress at some level in our daily lives. Work, family, finances or unforeseen circumstances all contribute to our stress levels. (Even good things contribute to stress.) What most people don’t realize though, are the profound effects that stress has on our minds and bodies.

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress’s impact on our bodies can include headaches, chest pain, fatigue, muscle strain or tension, upset stomach, problems sleeping and even changes in our sex drive. The impact on our emotions can be even greater: restlessness, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, having a lack of focus or motivation, irritability, outbursts of anger, sadness and depression. In extreme cases, stress can even cause cognitive impairment.

Massage Therapy Is The Solution!

With all the health problems stress can cause, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to massage therapy for pain relief and stress reduction; it’s a natural, complementary manual therapy approach to achieving optimum health. Here are just a few of the ways that therapeutic massage therapy with Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic can transform your health outcomes:

  • Massage increases blood circulation, which lowers your blood pressure. This in turn can mean headaches lessen or disappear and you have better heart and circulation health.
  • Massage triggers your body’s relaxation reflex, which signals your muscles to release their tension. This relaxation can contribute to headache relief, muscle and joint pain relief and a lowering of stress’s impact on the body and mind.
  • Message calms the body’s reaction to stress, which can lower your heart rate, stimulate more relaxed breathing and promotes the flushing of stress hormones and muscle toxins.
  • Massage leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Your mind and emotions become calm and your thinking process clearer. That sense of tightness or soreness in your body will melt away.
  • Massage is a natural, hands-on treatment that’s safe, effective and doesn’t require more medications to improve your overall health.

Types Of Massage Therapy 

There are a variety of massage techniques that relieve your soft tissues and provide joint mobilization that may be employed.  A few of them are:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Relaxing Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Postnatal Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Traditional Massage
  • Foot Massage

Why Choose Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic?

In a word, experience. Registered massage therapist Valerie van Woudenberf founded Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic with a mission to help pain sufferers get relief and become healthier physically and mentally. Since then, our caring, dedicated professionals have helped hundreds of patients enjoy long-term pain relief. Just listen to what our patients have to say:

“I started going to Gage Physio two years ago and that was the best decision I have ever made. The place is amazing, very positive energy and the staff are so friendly. . .Val healed me physically and mentally.”

Dema Adil

“Gage led me to full recovery where other clinics simply failed. . .Now I’m back to work! Many thanks to Val, Jay and Patricia. I highly recommend them.”

Pete Nolosa

“Val is extremely knowledgeable and professional. . .She deserves a 10-star review!”

Anne Vaillancourt

With so many people experiencing vibrant, pain-free lives after working with Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic, what are you waiting for?

It’s Time to Live Pain-Free

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, experiencing chronic aches and pains, or just want to feel and be healthier, pain-free living can be just around the corner. Our registered massage therapists are trained to discover the source of your problem and work with you to develop a treatment plan that relieves it. Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic’s massage therapy program can have you seeing results after your very first session!

Call Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic today to get started on the road to better living.

Still Have Questions?

We offer a free, no obligation 20-minute Discovery Visit so you can get to know us better. And depending on your insurance coverage, your massage therapy may be available at no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Give pain-free a try and call Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic today!

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