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Custom Orthotics Hamilton Mountain - The Right Way to Treat Your Feet!

Put an End to Pain, Improve Mobility and Enjoy Increased Comfort With Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic’s Unique Custom Orthotics.

Are you tired of aching feet? Do your ankles feel stiff or painful? Does your leg or knee hurt? These are just a few of the symptoms that may be caused by misalignments in the way that you stand and walk.

Your feet are your body’s foundation, and when they’re imbalanced they put unnatural strain on your ankles, legs and knees. Compensating for these imbalances is what causes pain in your feet, stiffness or loss of mobility in your ankles, leg and knee pain, and even loss of balance.

Take Care Of Your Feet, And They’ll Take Care Of You!

Fortunately, custom orthotics from Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic can correct your foot condition and imbalances naturally–without the use of pills or medical procedures! With our one-of-a-kind experience and expertise, we’ll create custom orthotic shoe inserts that precisely match your feet, giving you a stronger, healthier foundation for your active lifestyle. Get back to enjoying long walks in the park, free of pain and unsteadiness.

Quality Makes The Difference!

Just like no two people are alike, no two feet are exactly alike either. That’s why at Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic, we precisely measure every dimension of your feet to make sure your custom orthotics are a perfect fit.

Maybe you’ve tried those “one-size-fits-all” drugstore inserts before. Did they help a little bit, only to wear out without really delivering the pain and ankle relief you needed?

custom orthotics hamilton mountain

Custom foot orthotics from Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic are different. In addition to being the perfect fit for your one-of-a-kind feet, they’re designed with durable, long-lasting materials to provide maximum comfort for the long term. That’s why our orthotics are backed by a no-questions-asked warranty! We’re proud to stand behind every custom orthotic we make.

Will Custom Orthotics Work For Me?

Custom-fit orthotic devices work for people of all ages and correct a wide range of common foot conditions and ankle problems. In fact, in a recent study of 520 patients, a full 95% reported that their problem was partially or completely resolved with orthotics. (Source: Moraros and Hodge, Orthotic survey).

Custom orthotics are medical devices that can help with the following common conditions:

  • Ankle pain relief
  • Arch pain
  • Flat feet
  • Abnormal foot function
  • Chronic pain due to foot imbalance
  • Bunion pain
  • Foot abnormalities
  • Future foot ailments prevention

Getting Started is Easy

Let me introduce you to Diana Farrow. Diana’s our dedicated, experienced chiropodist–she’s the expert who’ll examine your feet to provide a personalized treatment plan and custom fitting for your orthotics. She’ll also consider things like the weight your feet carry, the activities that make up your lifestyle, and your gait and posture. Friendly and caring, she can also answer all of your foot and ankle questions.

Once your fitting’s done, we’ll create your personalized orthotics. And the best part is, Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic orthotics are covered by most insurance plans with minimal out-of-pocket expense. Depending on your insurance provider, you may have no out-of-pocket expense at all!

Are You Ready to Start Living Without Foot Pain?

If you’re tired of foot pain, ankle stiffness or knee pain and are ready to tell them “goodbye”, the time to give us a call is now! We provide easy, flexible scheduling with appointments made when it’s convenient for you. Need to change your appointment? No problem–we stay flexible to work around your busy schedule.

Let Gage Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic in Hamilton Mountain, change your life. Call now to book your no-obligation appointment!

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