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We specialize in personalized physiotherapy treatment plans to help you overcome pain and heal faster. Our non-invasive techniques are designed to improve your mobility, reduce stress, and enhance your overall quality of life. Gage Physiotherapy and Foot Clinic is committed to helping you live a healthier, pain-free life. 

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Massage Therapy

Experience the healing power of touch with Massage Therapy. Our certified massage therapists use a variety of techniques to relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, and promote overall wellness. It's not just a massage, it's a pathway to a healthier life. 

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Shockwave Therapy

Accelerate your recovery with Shockwave Therapy. This non-invasive treatment uses acoustic waves to stimulate deep tissue repair, effectively treating a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Get back to your active lifestyle faster with us.

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Pelvic Floor  Physiotherapy

Regain control and improve your quality of life with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. We provide specialized treatments for pelvic health issues in a safe and supportive environment. It's time to take control of your pelvic health and live without discomfort.

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Custom Orthotics

Step into comfort with our Custom Orthotics service. We provide personalized foot care solutions designed to alleviate pain, correct foot imbalances, and enhance your mobility. Walk your way to a healthier life with our custom orthotics.

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